Japan Fest 2010

The Japanese Garden Foundation was well represented at the Japan Fest.  We had a well-stocked table of information about our garden and had many visitors.  Nancy Turner, Linda Nakamoto, Virginia Huber, Jack Strong, Tetsuo Nakamoto, and Mihoko Strong were all there the entire day.  Mihoko Strong conducted two guided tours of the garden, one at 11:30 a.m. and one at 2:00 p.m.  The original estimate was that we would have 10 people on each tour, but there were 25 for the morning tour and 15 on the afternoon tour, including the Consul General of Japan, Mr. Sato, and New Orleans Honorary Consul General, Donna Fraiche.  Mrs. Strong explained the history of the garden as well as a detailed tour of the facility.

All those on the tour were impressed, as are general visitors to the Botanical Garden.  Helping to get the word out were Michelle Young and Daniel Morales, who featured the garden recently on their blog site “untapped New Orleans.”  You can view their pictures and commentaries at http://untappedneworleans.wordpress.com.