Building Fund

There are several aspects of the construction of our garden that must be considered. The first step is the actual construction of the first phase of the garden. This Construction Phase is being funded by contributions to the Building Fund. These contributions primarily come from the following sources:

* Individual Contributions *
* Grants *

Maintenance and Development Fund

The Japanese Garden Society of New Orleans will be solely responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the Yakumo Nihon Teien following construction. We have all seen the all-too-familiar sight of a beautiful development that is allowed to fall into disrepair after several years. The JGSNO has pledged that this will not happen and the Yakumo Nihon Teien will stand as a shining tribute to the friendship between New Orleans and Japan far into the future.

To insure the Garden’s future, a Maintenance and Development Fund has been started. This fund will help to pay for the garden’s future maintenance, redevelopment, and hopefully, its future expansion. A initial goal of $100,000 has been set for this fund. There is currently a balance of approximately $80,000. Most of this has money come from the following:

* Programmed Giving *
* Individual Contributions *

Programmed Giving is when supporters commit to making a regular, usually monthly, contribution to help support the garden. Although our attention is currently focused on the actual construction of the Garden, the Board considers the complete funding of this Maintenance and Development Fund a top priority.