A Visit From Matsue

On August 19, 2016, we were honored by a visit from a high-level delegation of dignitaries from Matsue Japan. The group consisted of six civic officials, eleven members of the Matsue Chamber of Commerce, and two International Exchange Leaders.

The delegation was headed by Mayor Masataka Matsuura, and included the Chair of the City Council, Katsutaro Yamamoto, the Chair of the Matsue Chamber of Commerce, Makoto Furuse, and Shotai Kobayashi, a specially appointed lecturer at Shiman University, along with many others.

After touring the garden the group met to discuss establishing an America-Japan Society in Matsue. Later that evening the Japanese Garden Foundation, along with the Japan Society and the Japan Club met at the home of JGF Board member (and Japan Society President) Mike Turner for an enjoyable and friendly reception. We hope to have many more opportunities in the future to deepen the ties between the two sister cities.

Posted below are pictures from both the garden tour and the reception. The two gentlemen featured in the last two pictures are Mayor Matsuura and Mike Turner.